da Vinci Lab

This innovative educational program needed a logo that captured its brand identity.View More

DaVinci Lab Logo

SUNY Potsdam

The university needed fresh marketing materials.
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Saratoga Hospital

They asked us for a completely new, user-friendly web site. View More

Saratoga Hospital Website

Think Breakfast!

NY State Ed asked us to create a campaign to get kids to eat breakfast.
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Please stay awhile and look around. Keep in mind while you’re exploring that we don’t just create great advertising, we’re great to work with. Whether you’re old school or new, whether you like to be hands on or off, whether you have a large project or small, we can meet you where you live and take you where you need to go. And do it all within a budget that makes sense. You should also know, as long as we’re at it, we like to make it fun and interesting.

Imagine That.

The Work

Imagine That opened its doors back in August of 2000 (though collectively we have several decades of experience under our belts). During that time we’ve had the good fortune to work with an eclectic list of clients, representing businesses large and small.  They’ve all given us the same basic challenge — get us noticed, define what makes us better, create striking graphics and compelling copy that inspire our customers to take action. That’s what we do.

Imagine That.

Our Services

Strategic Planning. Web. Graphic Design. Copywriting.  Multi-media. The usual suspects. We do them all. And we do them pretty darn well. But so do a thousand other companies. So, here’s the thing — successful advertising is a process. It’s about building relationships, making connections, getting people to like your company, your product, your service. That ability to help you build consumer trust and loyalty is what sets us apart.

Imagine That.